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Social Welfare Organization in Lucknow
Lucknow is an ancient city in India which still reflects the Nawabi era and the British era in its architecture, culture and heritage. The people in Lucknow are known for their courteous behavior. The city has taken on the modern development without letting go of its rich culture. It is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Lucknow is also one of the most populated cities in India. So, greater is the socio-economic disparities among the people in this multicultural city with this mass population. Lucknow has several Non Government Organizations which aims at the betterment of the society. These organizations are associated with activities such as Women’s welfare, Children’s education and care, providing shelter and comfort to senior citizens, Animal welfare, providing employment to the needy etc.

Aadarsh Gramin Sewa Sanstan in Lucknow

Aadarsh Gramin Sewa Sanstan was started in 1997-98 by a group of social and health care workers with the vision of building a democratic society with equity and justice. They stand to build a world where every child, women and youth are empowered and their rights are realized. The institution offers counseling, education, abuse prevention services, family support, mentoring, psychotherapy and job training to citizen. They collaborate widely with the local schools and communities to help the needy people

Projects Undertaken by AGS Sansthan

Awareness Programme for Animal Welfare:
Campaigns which promote vegetarianism are undertaken by the society. Apart from the campaign programs to save animals they also take care of wounded and stray animals.

Awareness Programme for Drug de-addiction: Volunteers of this society conducts camps to spread information on the ill-effects of alcohol and drugs.

Awareness Camp for Family Planning: The society is conducting camps at block levels to educate villagers on the need for family planning. After the camp, contraceptives are distributed to the people.

Family Counseling Centre: This is to help women in leading a healthy family life and also to become self dependent.

Awareness Camp for Pulse Polio: The volunteers take initiatives in providing awareness about the need for pulse polio also they have conducted pulse polio vaccination programs.

Awareness Programme for Environment: AGS had many discussions and debates on pollution and its ill effects on people and environment. Eminent speakers address people in these programs.

Awareness Programme for Hygiene, Drinking Water and Sanitation: As a part of this program wells, tube wells and ponds were cleaned by the society volunteers. The society provided various sanitation infrastructures as a part of the project. Awareness was raised for the need to stay healthy.

Rural Development Programme: Under this project, farmers were introduced to scientific method of cultivation. Demonstration was made on bio-dynamic manures and vermin compost. Distribution of seeds at free of cost was done to the farmers.

Vocational and Handicraft Training: This program is initiated to provide self employment to Women and youth. Courses on computer training, knitting and tailoring, beauty parlor, secretarial programs, fashion designing, food processing etc were provided.

Consumer Welfare Programme: Consumer welfare camps are organized to make citizens aware of their rights. This program gives insights about the Consumer Protection Act of 1986.

Aids/Cancer Control Programme: The camp aimed at providing awareness regarding the causes and precautions to be taken to avoid these deadly diseases.

Child/Women Labor Welfare Programme: The program was initiated to educate women and children on the Labor Act.

Programme on Women Right and Dowry System: Volunteers educated the participants on the rights of women and to face and handle problems related to dowry harassment.
Programme on National Integration: This is conducted to develop patriotism and to help human kind.

Welfare Programme to help Handicapped persons: This program aimed to create awareness among people so that the people with disability are not separated in the society. AGS also conducted a painting completion and helped the handicapped in selling their paintings.

Chikan and Zardozi Works: This program aimed at reducing unemployment. Many students participate in these programs

Programme on Forestry: This is to create awareness among the people on how deforestation causes pollution and makes the environment unhealthy

Old age persons Welfare Programme: The society made donations to old age centers. Welfare programs are organized and to create awareness on Old age homes and how to create elderly citizens.

Contact Address

13, Sun City, Panchwati, Kamta, Chinhat, Lucknow- 226001, Uttar Pradesh
Phone Number- 0522- 6456002
Email- [email protected]
Contact Person: V.R.Sharma

Aastha Centre for Geriatric Medicine, Palliative care and Social Welfare in Lucknow

Aastha is a dream of a young doctor, Dr Abhishek Shukla, MD. This hospital provides high level healthcare to elderly and terminally ill people. It has Old Age Home facility as well. The hospital was established in 2004. Aastha is a charity which provides care to individuals and families who are suffering from age related illness. The hospital serves more than 400 inpatients and over 3320 outpatients in an year.

Programs and services at Aastha

Palliative Care:
Palliative care is an approach which aims at improving the quality of life of patients and their families who are suffering from terminal illness such as cancer, AIDS etc. The service offers home-based care and treatment of pain and other physical, spiritual and psychological problems.

Geriatric Hospital: Geriatrics is an area which is dedicated in taking care of the elderly citizens and treating their illness. All physical, mental, spiritual, social and medical issues of the old are taken care of.

Hospital Care: This is an inpatient unit which provides intensive and short term treatment to acute pain and other complex symptoms.

Bereavement support: Aastha believes the healing process involves the continuing support even after death to the families to express one’s feelings. Aastha offers counseling, support groups and telephonic support to the families.

Home Care: Trained sisters visit patients in their homes and provide assistance with personal hygiene, dressing, feeding, teaches basic nursing tasks to the families etc. Doctors, social workers, sisters and volunteers are available during normal working hours. There is also a 24 hour emergency telephone service.

Long term Care facility: Aastha provides care upto thirteen months after the death of the patient. Because they stand for a service which is not limited to medicines, but extends to physical, mental and emotional care of the patients and their families.

Breast Cancer Support Group: This is a support group which has experienced breast cancer and ready to provide support and friendship to the needy.Here members can share their feelings and discuss their problems and seek medical and emotional support.

Contact Address

B-52,J –Park, Mahanagar, Lucknow- 226006
Phone number- 0522 2328070
Email: [email protected]

Samarpan in Lucknow

Samarpan is a charitable institution which stands with the needy and downtrodden people. They have come up with several initiatives for the upliftment of the poor. They give importance to education of children, vocational training for women and service to the Old age. They are running a primary school for children and Old age home for senior citizens. This institution is run by a group of disciples of Pandit Sriram Sharma Acharya (1991-1990).

Activities undertaken by Samarpan

Primary Education
: Samarpan provides free education, books, stationary and mid-day meals to the needy children in association with Power Grid Corporation.

Vocational Training and Self-Employment: Training of six months duration on tailoring and sewing was held for 32 girl trainees from rural areas. This was held with the sponsorship of Human Resource Development Program of Indian Government

Health Service: The institution has mobile ambulance which is managed by volunteers and doctors visiting the villages. Physically challenged people are identified by regular surveys and they are provided with artificial limbs in association with Artificial Limb Centre in Lucknow.

Model Village Development: Five villages are identified for this project and volunteers are focusing on the overall development of the villages from infrastructure to education for the villagers.

Old Age Home: Old age Home is constructed with the association of Lucknow Nagar Nigam and is run and managed by the volunteers. This 60-bed old age home offers facilities for meditation, library, dispensary, dining hall, etc. A reasonable subscription is to be paid by its residents. All activities are carried out with the help of donations and contributions in the forms of time, talent and money.

Contact address:

Ring Road, Adil Nagar, Near Ram Dharam Kanta, Lucknow, UP
Phone No- +91 9956296170; +91 9450400742; +91 9956296166
Email- [email protected]

Lucknow Mahila Sewa Trust

Lucknow Mahila Sewa Trust was founded in 1992 by some young and dynamic citizens who had a deep concern for a social change and commitment to the society. This institution stands for empowering self employed women. This civil society organization stands for the upliftment of poor women of rural/urban slum areas. This institution provides training related to production and marketing. This organization is run and managed by women themselves.

Approach of this institution is to target the poor self employed women who contributes significantly to the economy though they are not directly associated with any employer.

Activities and Programs

Craft Development Centre:
It aims to help the members in producing high quality work in Chikan, Zardori works. This center helps members to find markets for their work and increase bargaining power to them. Lucknow Mahila Sewa Trust initiated Economic empowerment programme for women to lead a sustainable livelihood.The institution also initiated a vocational training center specially for chikan artisans in Lucknow.

Ambedkar Hastshilp Vikar Yogana: This initiative is supported by the Development Commission by the Ministry of Textiles of Government of India. They offer training for Chikan and Zari embroidery works.

Marketing: Design and technical development programs are carried out with the help of Ministry of Textiles of the Indian government. This workshop focuses in giving importance to the taste of buyers who look out for novelty and variety.

Nursing Assistance Programme: A Nursing Assistance Programme for domestic workers who looks after senior citizens in Lucknow

Micro saving and credit Programme: The institution has formed more than 400 self help groups for women to increase the confidence, make demands and articulate their needs, and increase their access to social and economic resources. ICICI bank extended financial inclusion to the poor in helping them to realize their dreams.

Women’s rights and entitlements: Awareness programs are conducted to educate women in legal awareness and rights of women.

Improving the quality of life: The institution also aims to give a better social and economic life to the women artisans. This help the women engaged in Chikan and Zardozi works to upgrade their craftsmanship.

Health Campaigns: The institution conducts health campaigns and awareness programs related to maternal and child health and AIDS.

Rural Agricultural Development: This society has initiated development activities such as fisheries and animal husbandary, training to farmers on preparing bio- pesticides, vermin-compost etc.

Contact Address

Lucknow Mahila Sewa Trust, 3/93 Vikas Nagar, Lucknow- 226022
Phone: 0522- 4074619
Email- [email protected]

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