Lucknow Specials

The Lucknow Specials will take you to the City of Nawabs, famous for the Mehmaan Nawazi, tehzeeb, the Pehle Aap gesture, Shayeri... and how can we forget the succulent Tundey ke Kebab! Get yourself soaked in the Awadhi culture with the travel stories, views, food reviews and lots more from the streets of Lucknow.

Lucknow to Kakori – A Day Well Spent!

From Lucknow to KakoriYou might have heard many a times about the Kakori train robbery, the Kakori Kebabs and the Kakori Kothi. Here is the traveller's story of rediscovering the past.

There is a Marine Drive in Lucknow too!!

Marine Drive Special LucknowMarine Drive in Lucknow is a flamboyant stretch along the Gomti river which will leave you spell bound. It is situated in Gomti Nagar area and is a hub for bikers. Or if you want to celebrate with your friends in open air there is nothing as beautiful as Marine Drive in Lucknow! Don't forget to carry the food and water along... you won't get it around if you are planning to go at night or late evening here.

A Day in the City of Nawabs, Lucknow

What is Special About LucknowLucknow is coated with poise, grace, respect and poetry. From visiting monuments like Bara Imambara to Chikankari shopping in Lucknow, read the travel enthusiast's experience in the City of Nawabs.

Bollywood's Affair with the City of Nawabs

Lucknow Travel StoriesBe it a rustic gangster drama or a serene periodic film, Lucknow has attracted many Bollywood filmmakers' eyes. From the latest Daawat-e-Ishq to the epic Umrao Jaan, one can see the glimpse of the city in the Bollywood movies. Here we bring you the story of Bollywood's romance with the City of Nawabs and Kebabs...

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