Fun Republic Mall Lucknow

Probably the best way to beat the summer heat of Lucknow is to spend the day indulging in the variety of quality products, especially the international brands at the Fun Republic mall. The mall provides entertainment options for all age groups and hence can be rightly termed as a concrete amusement park. It also houses a fine hospitality business in the form of a boutique hotel with over fifty luxury accommodations.

The shopping mall culture is a relatively young phenomenon in the emerging trends in retail business. The evidence of organized shopping places can be traced back to the middle ages and the need for better shopping experiences have paved the way for the emergence of the present form of the older versions. Today, people are no longer content with just buying things, and like any other mall, shopping at Fun Republic has to be a complete experience of spending time and money indulgently. The additional facilities of eating and gaming zones, movie theatres, well maintained restrooms, car parking areas make these malls attractive hangout places for the whole family.

Fun Republic Mall Lucknow Restaurants

In the past few years, shopping malls have greatly impacted the skyline of Lucknow. Apart from the convenience of providing all the shopping needs under one roof, the malls have been pioneers in providing the feel good factor with clean environment and assistance from sales staff. A large number of foreign brands and food chains have taken entry into the city making a permanent change to the consumer tastes for commercial goods. Apart from introducing modern form of retailing into the city, the malls have played an important role in the development of the real estate sector and the overall image of the city.

Impact of Fun Republic on Lucknow City

Though these shopper entertainment centres have drastically changed the way of retail buying and selling in the cities, they also come with their share of pros and cons.

Benefits from Fun Republic

  • Development and organization of the retail business
  • Development in the economic health of the city
  • Increase in generation of employment
  • Introduction of competition in the retail sector aiding quality services and products

Downside of Fun Republic

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  • Growth in disposable income and changing consumer attitude increase the risk for small shops to lose business.
  • Exposure of the organized retail market to monopolization.

Facilities at Fun Republic

  • Complete shopping experience starting from food, cloths & accessories, apparels, home appliances & furnishings, grocery, gift items, electronics all under one roof.
  • Multiple screen movie theatre
  • Separate gaming zone for children
  • Food court has premium restaurants as well as major international eatery houses
  • Open all round the year
  • Boutique business hotel
  • Car parking for more than five hundred cars at a time
  • Clean well maintained washroom
  • Properly functional escalators and elevators

Location of Fun Republic Mall

Situated at the heart of Gomti Nagar Township, the mall is just one kilometer away from the Gomti River. The mall is also near other major places of interests like the riverside mall. It is also at a very short distance from the Lucknow airport and Lucknow railway station. A number of conveyance options are available to reach the mall.

Best time to visit

Though malls receive huge footfall all year round, however, Lucknow being a tourist destination receiving major number of visitors from October to March, the number of mall goers increase considerably during these months. Lucknow experiences very harsh summer months, so it is a good idea to beat the summer sun by spending the day inside the cool atmosphere of the shopping mall.
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