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Gas Connection in Lucknow

LPG is the preferred cooking gas for many countries since it is economical, convenient and obviously the preferred fuel source. In India there is a subsidy on cooking gas which makes it all the more ideal choice of fuel for every household. But for subsided fuel gas, every citizen needs to follow some stringent rules and procedures with which they will become eligible for purchasing LPG. The procedure is not different for the people of Lucknow. For new cylinders, new pipeline gas installation or new gas connection in Lucknow, one needs to visit any of the three LPG providers in Lucknow, which are Bharat Gas, HP gas or Indane Gas.

Private Gas Connection Lucknow

These three companies are one of the finest in terms of quality, purity and service all over the country and have considerable presence for a long time in Lucknow city which makes them a reliable option for all.

HP Gas Connection in Lucknow

HP is one of the leading brands among LPG providers operating in the country. They have huge database with millions of families using HP gas across the country. There are many distributors with fixed localities which help users to provide prompt service and excellent customer support.
For getting the new connection one needs to apply for the same. Application can be done through two modes, one by visiting any nearest distributor or by filling up the application form online on their official website https://www.hindustanpetroleum.com. The application requires some necessary personal details which need to be provided accurately. One can apply for one cylinder and regulator or for double cylinder and regulator. The prices in both cases are different. The money taken for the cylinders are refundable security deposits which can be taken back while leaving the city.

As the application is done one needs to submit a print out of the application along with few necessary KYC documents and the money to the nearest distributor office at the earliest. The documents required include one identity proof and one address proof. The lists of documents accepted are:
  • Copy of Pan Card
  • Copy of rent receipt/house lease agreement
  • Aadhaar Number or Copy of Aadhaar Letter
  • Copy of Ration Card
  • Copy of any utility bill/telephone bill
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Passbook
  • Copy of Voter Id card
  • Self-declaration
  • Copy of Driving License
Once the documents are accepted and verified and a physical verification is conducted, the gas connection application will be processed.

Bharat Gas Connection in Lucknow

Bharat Gas is another of the best brands offering LPG cylinders to various households across various states of the country. The formalities for a new Bharat gas connection are a little different from that of the HP Gas connection formalities.

Here first one needs to register on the official website of Bharat Gas, https://www.ebharatgas.com/ebgas/pages/index.jsp with a username and password and open an account. After that the application form needs to be filled and the customer needs to wait for the response and distributor allotment. Once the distributor is allotted, the customer can visit the distributor office and submit the related documents for further processing. The list of documents mentioned here can be altered with other relevant documents after discussing with officers in the distributor’s office.
  • A copy of a residence proof
  • A copy of a ration card
  • A copy of electricity bill, telephone bill, voter card.
  • A copy of passport, employers’ certificate.
  • Aadhaar Number (Copy of Aadhaar Letter) : Aadhaar Letter (Back and Front)
Once the documents are submitted and verified the application will be processed.

New Indane Gas Connection

Indane is a much popular and preferred LPG gas provider of the country. The process and procedure for new gas connection in Lucknow from Indane is quite simple especially for their superior customer support cell and excellent time management.

For a new connection from Indane a customer may visit the nearest distributor or apply online. The official website of Indane Gas is www.indane.co.in. Through distributor locator one can easily find the contact details of the nearest distributor and submit the application form and necessary documents for a new connection.

The KYC requirement in every company remains the same, the reason why list of documents are also same for Indane. There is a KYC form which should be downloaded for better understanding of the process. Once documents are submitted the application will be duly processed.

Apart from these three major players of LPG market there are few private gas connections available which can be opted for a new connection. However the genuinity and authenticity of the gas providers needs to be verified from the localities before any application is given.

LPG application process has become easy nowadays due to huge demand in the market. However, proper KYC documents, valid email id, valid phone number, proper justification for multiple cylinders, and absence of gas connection for new application are necessary parameters which needs to be proved before the officers of the company to process the application and accept it.

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